Thursday, June 17

222th Post Anniversary PLUS Site Feature!

I just HAD to do this! 222 is like, one of my favourite numbers of all time. So for this occasion, I whupped up a little summat... Watch the E*TRADE talking baby beloooow! *HINT HINT* To create your own baby mail to send to people, or just have fun whacking up crazy words for the babies to say, click here! Then, click on E*TRADE-BabyMail on the left sidebar and you're all set to go!
Okay, not only will I be doing some blog features in the future, normal (but not TOO normal - they'd just dull the hell outta us) sites will be featured once in a while too! For the first one, I'd go with Insomniac Thoughts! Suffering from a bout of insomnia, or simply keep tossing and turning in your bed with a load of crap going through your mind all at once, with no one to talk to? (*You're either alone on a deserted piece of wasteland or your filthy rich boyfriend recently dumped you which led to your family moving out due to the dishonor you brought upon your household.)

Anyways, this site lives by the phrase: 'post your thoughts and go to sleep!' Simple enough! They have categories such as braindumps, musings, poetry, rants, reasons and worries! Big enough storage for all your thoughts each and every night! Took some screenshots and highlighted those I thought were pretty sentimental and deep at the same time. (Double click them to enlarge!)

*Nah! I kid, I kid!
"A person's true wealth is the good he or she does in the world." 
- Mohammed

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