Thursday, June 17

Incomin' Mail - Baby Sculptures!

These might just be the cutest, most delicate things - and at the same, disturbing and bizarre - I've ever seen! And what are these you might ask? Baby sculptures! Yes, they are handmade - out of clay! These particular ones I'm about to post up are done by Camille Allen. But I'll be featuring her site the following day so you can know more! Some pictures for your eyes to feast on for now! FYI... these babies are NOT edible. Double click the screenshot I've taken from her site for full deets! It's most funny really... how most might think they are marzipan babies!
Here are a few baby sculptures and some in the process nearing completion to get started on the site feature tomorrow! Or some day else if I'm feelin' bit too lazy...  Put away what you're eating for now as you scroll through the next part of this post, if you have a stomach that upsets as easy as 123. Some are pretty cute though! Personally, I get shivers looking at some of 'em. Not in a bad way tho, rest assured! Here goes!

Putting up more pictures like these in the next post of Camille's site feature! Special thanks to Billy Jo for forwarding the attachments of the baby sculptures!

"I try to be modest at all times, and that's what makes me better than everyone else." 
- Julian Barry

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