Friday, June 18

Site Feature! Camille Allen's Babies

A continuation from yesterday's post!!
The homepage!
Part two of the baby sculptures I received in the mail! Loooove them so!

Ummm what are those things in the babies' bellies?

How cute are these??!  Now, let's look at some of my favourites that the site has to offer (to buy, duh)! Word of caution here before you pop over to her site though! They are extremely expensive. No surprise - considering how these babies are so delicately created with each detail as profound as the next! There's pretty little choices left, since most of the more elaborate ones are sold! I just love their teeny li'l bonnets!

A calendar worth ten dollars for those simply seeking for baby statures to look at just in print, or those wanting some baby souvenirs for cheap.
And below are my faves... that are already sold!

It's genius displaying them surrounding fluffy cotton or in shells of eggs and giving them knitted wear! Anyways, these little creations of a genius are known far and wide as well! Below's some examples of articles from all over the world appearing in the newspapers, magazines or books!
Article in Dollhouse Miniature Magazine
Even in a Swedish newspaper!
The Gulf News! Wowza!
ABOVE & BELOW: Camille's babies make an appearance in Ripley's Believe It or Not!
Too impressive! So go ahead, click here to go to Camille Allen's site to buy her baby sculptures and for more deets!
"In life, if you want a guarantee, buy a toaster." 
- Anonymous

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