Saturday, June 12

Disney Demon Princesses

Okay I'm aware I've labelled this post 'Disneyland' even though I'm not posting stuff up about the most famous wonderland all around! But Disney Princesses still do count, right? Anyway, take a look below! These famous princesses aren't as poised and all classy and sophisticated as ya might think! Poor Alice is getting strangled by Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty. Gah! Gotta love Snow White! Aaaand... I've no idea why I titled this Disney Demon Princesses! So don't ask!
I just watched Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang at the theatres with Becky, and it was simply awesome! The best part was the too-cute elephant (probably CGI-ed or something) which stole the pens and the piglets which did synchronized swimming and leapt around with Nanny McPhee's magic cane! One even winked at her! But almost all the words she said were similar to that of the first movie! There was even a reference to the previous movie - that tinkly bell thingy that one eccentric woman (played by Maggie Smith - Prof. Gonagall in the Potter movies!) shook at the end of the movie. Her character was much too old that she even sat on cow poop - 'cos it looked comfortable! By golly! Maggie Gyllenhaal acted as a mother in this flick, with an all-British accent! She was pretty much frantic the whole movie, but still cool. But I'd give it four stars overall! Apologies, much too lazy to add in movie stills and stuff in this post! On second thought, I'll add a theatrical trailer here. Double-click to see it in full on YouTube! 

Below's a still artwork from Selena Gomez's newest music video Round and Round! 

ABOVE: A Yorkie cutie on a swing! Awwww!
ABOVE: Inspired by Tumblr!
ABOVE: Really random picture, but this is just classic!
Anyways, before the movie started, Bec and I went Lip Smacker-hunting! I got two! One Rolly Vanilla Coca-Cola flav and another, a classic Vanilla Coke! Love 'em! Bec only bought one, a liquid Coca-Cola one! OMGOSH LipSmackers rock, big-time!
We managed to find hair extensions (slip-ons) too, in a random wig shop! They even sell Lola-type wigs (Lola from Hannah Montana) in all various colors! I got this midnight purple color, and Bec got an anime-like purple! Love both colors! Below's a picture of mine! Seriously though, I don't much dare to wear it out. Oh well...
"Better to be guilty in the eyes of men than in the eyes of God." 
- Malagasy Proverb

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