Sunday, June 13

The Head-Switch, The Horror and the Panda

I love this title for the post. It rhymes, at least! Anyway, starting off with The Head-Switch! Take a close look at the picture below. Apparently, someone switched the heads of man and baby! Poor kid. They blew up his head out of proportion too, even though he's merely a wee infant! As for the adult here, that man probably had his head shrunk down to fit snugly with the baby's blanket. Lol. It might look too bizarre, but it's kinda adorable though, if ya think about it!
Next up! The Horror! The Twilight saga: Breaking Dawn news! (Okay, it might not be that much of a scary thing for me that the final movie in the ever-popular saga will be broken into two parts! People wouldn't be satisfied with just one where much of the stuff from the book will be left out! It kinda reminds me of the final Harry Potter movie, which is split into two parts as well! It kinda shows they're pretty much competing for the ratings!

ABOVE: Aaaand... the promised panda! Too cute!

Sorry, my posts are becoming duller by the day! - not that it has ever been interesting before! I've been dreadfully busy with schoolwork and projects. (Yeah, even with the summer vaca comin' up!) Look out for a Father's Day spesh and an awesome site feature for the occasion soon!
"It's bad luck to be superstitious" 
- Bill Backman

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