Monday, June 14

Highlight & Highlights

Finally, I found the perf software (a totally free one, without any trial period where thereafter you'd have to PAY to use full features!) which allows you to virtually draw on your computer screen! However, this is only for Mac users! Windows users, I'd recommend other similar softwares such as VirtualBoard (download available!). Anyways, the software's named Highlight! Picture of the application artwork below!
Of course, it allows you to draw on your desktop! The downside is that when Highlight is activated, you can't click anything else to access other apps (except the Dock!).
ABOVE: This appears when you start up Highlight!
ABOVE: And this is what happens when you put me in charge of the mouse...
ABOVE: You can even use it to highlight, circle or underline important points during your classes/lectures! It's fast and easy. Simply save it before you quit Highlight!

How HANDY is Highlight?! So go ahead, and download Highlight 1.5 here!

Next, to the the topic of highlights!Demi Lovato just posted two pictures of her with her brand new highlighted hair recently! It's got blonde in them! Love 'em! Thank goodness she didn't decide to go with her (greasy-lookin') black hair! I wish I were more willing to have my hair color altered and tampered with!

"Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves." 
- Confucius

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