Sunday, August 1

Day of the Poodle and Albino Rats

Well, I woke up pretty early yet again today, despite it being the start of the weekend! Ugh another day for a little R & R taken, again! So I set off for the house we were set to do the project (creating a website using Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash all at once) at School felt pretty boring to us. Thankfully she opened up her house for us!! 

So I went up to her house later, and found out the lift was just DIRECTLY outside her door! Which meant which unit in the condominium had their own lifts. Each lift serves two units on each floor! How cool is that?! 

She happened to have a poodle and a family of four albino rats too! Lucky. The poodle was really friendly, had a wet nose, and loved to lick everyone! At least she was waaaay friendly with strangers. Too cute! There was the mother and father albino rats and two of their babies. They were still really big, almost twice the size of my biggest hamster, Pudding! The father albino was just HUMONGOUS. He must have weighed close to two kilograms! 

They were the cutest things! Anyways, we spent 6 hours on the project and we are still pretty much far from done. I really hate Dreamweaver!!

Anyways, we finished up the meeting a little after six, and while we were walking across the poolside, I happened to see this pug which was SMILING (or maybe the mouth was fixated like that - that would be just creepy!). This was how it looked (except that it was a pug):

A hamster with three albino rats! Just like the ones I saw at the house! I just shiver at their long tails, but other than that, they've the cutest nose ever!!
So I was supposed to be putting on a sad face today for the 30-Day facial expression challenge! This would have been easier on a regular school day, but it wasn't, thankfully. So I failed for this!

And below's a recent extra! Joey King, star of the new flick alongside Selena Gomez all snuggled up with her pet pig Jay Jay on her 10th birthday morning! She posted this on her Twitter BTW! Love piglets!!
“You wouldn't have won if we'd beaten you. “ 
- Yogi Berra

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