Sunday, August 1

Sapphire Midnight

It's pretty weird to have a title which is made up from a precious stone and time of day (in this case - night!). Well, that's because I just had the awesomest Sapphire Midnight soda while eating out at a family diner of sorts for dinner! The picture of it is below. OMG I'm craving for it so much now that I'm becoming as thirsty as a Cullen vampire!

Anyways, the picture above is a pretty cool illustration (probably hand-sketched, which makes it all the more impressive!) of Red Riding Hood and the wolf in well, grandma's clothing! I used to have fairytale books with such illustrations but I lost it like, close to 10 years ago!

“I may not be there yet, but I'm closer than I was yesterday.” 
- Author Unknown

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