Tuesday, August 3

Happy 2nd Birthday to Mochi & Pudding!

Hurrah! I had bought my first (REAL! Fish that died in less than two months don't exactly count, do they?) hamsters on this day TWO YEARS AGO! It's so sad how time passes so quickly. And so, Mochi & Pudding are now two years old! Okay, I think they are much older than that since I got them when they were 2 or 3 months old or summat! Anyway, the minute I got home around 5++ in the evening, I quickly prepped for my li'l hamster birthday party! I gathered the materials to create the mini party hats... I used felt and some white pom poms I got from a local art store!

ABOVE & BELOW: Both are shot in different backdrops and lighting! I hate blurry photos! 
So after I'd sewn the white pom poms to each felt hat (I stapled the ends of that together!), I set off to the kitchen and started pulling out veggie treats, ice-cream cones (just the cones) and a whole bottle of raw maruka honey! So finally, my homemade recipes for the hamster birthday menu turned out like this:

1. Cut carrots into tiny slices (I made 5, though not that tiny, since I couldn't find baby carrots!)
2. Cut seeral pieces of the lettuce leaf.
3. Got one of those colorful baking cups as the plate, and layered the carrot slices and lettuce in between.
4. Added just a teeny drop of honey on top.
5. Voila!

I filled three baking cups - gave an additional one to my mother!

1. Cut off the bottom of an ice-cream cone (I made sure to make it really small though - sugar is HARMFUL for all animals!!)
2. Added wet dog food (Tender chicken & vegetables) to the cone. Topped it with a lettuce leaf (and later a raisin!)

So here are some of the shots I took setting up the birthday scene on the table! I got a mini table and tray too! Too cute! Anyways, I know the setting seems terribly sloppy - but hey! I was rushing for time! The lighting ain't that good when it gets dark out!

And the party begins!! Image overload ahead! (My hamsters are messy eaters BTW! And I couldn't keep the party hat on them at all times since there was no elastic to secure!) Mochi's the reddish one losing fur. Poor girl! I'm praying for her daily!

...And the aftermath?

"A verbal contract is not worth the paper it's written on." 
- Samuel Goldwyn

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