Tuesday, August 3

Day of the Random Pictures 7

Well, it's just another one of those boring days again, aside from group meetings for our upcoming presentation (Thursday!!) and stuff. Anyways, not gonna crap much about the webgra presentation today. It was just 5 minutes, I didn't have to present (phew!) and it was all over pretty quick. Of course, I'm expecting average marks for this yet again. Bummer.

So here ya go - more random pictures! Enjoy!
I can't stop laughing at the expressions on the dogs' faces! Cute.
Aww widdle wabbit is gonna have a tap bath!
A cat and a guinea pig in an embrace. I'm gonna presume the guinea is a stuffed animal... I KID!! Cutest pair ever!
A RAINBOW drink. How great can life get?! I'd buy this, even if it costs more than what I get each week (which isn't that much, really)!
Ahh. The bright side of life.

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.” 
- Peter Drucker

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