Wednesday, August 4


All right, cards on the table right now. I'll admit - I get obsessed and hooked REALLY EASY! And what's my latest addiction? ST. TRINIAN'S! The movie, its sequel and its theme song, really. Loooove Talulah Riley and Gemma Arterton in both flicks! Gemma's the head girl in the first film and Talulah's the new girl in the first and head girl in the second! Apparently, Mischa Barton is in the first flick too! Her Brit accent sounds really fake (even though she was born a Brit!), since she's been in the USA for really long. Enjoy the trailers of the first film and the second: ST. Trinians 2: Legend of the Fritton's Gold below!

And some of the music from the movies that I heart!

“Promise only what you can deliver. Then deliver more than you promise.”

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