Saturday, July 31

The Latest Night

Day 2! I'm supposed to don a happy face for today. Refer here for the entire, boring deets! (What I can't believe is that I'm gonna have to do this for the next 30 DAYS.) Not easy putting on a happy face all the time.

Plus, I had the latest night out yesterday night! Fine, I know going home quarter to eleven might not be late for well, close to everyone - but hey, I've always been a good kid (right)! Since the presentation for our graphics communication was the next day (today), we had A LOT to finish up! We sat around a table at a 24-hour coffeehouse. god awful it was, especially when I bought food where they included EGGS in them, which they SO CLEARLY did not put it on the display board. Ugh! At least I shared that bowl so it wasn't wasted. Thanks Elaine! Also, into the night - still sitting at that table, a worker from the coffeehouse kept coming over (try three times) to our table and watched what we were doing over our shoulders. I had no idea what he wanted, since we had so obvs finished our food and had our plates and utensils cleared. My group were saying he was either a perv or just mentally unsound. He did have that
"stalker" look to his features. *shivers* I went all paranoid after that.

We spent a pretty long time doing up the powerpoint slides, and only wrapped things up after ten! All got delayed and we all parted ten forty. Ehmagawd (I'm so tempted to say this now after reading The Clique!). I had NO IDEA I had such an effin' good sense of time there. Took the train home, and changed a bus. I reached home close to midnight.

I was irritable from exhaustion and the fact I got home late (I hate taking late night showers) and I lashed out (I can't think of a better expression) at my mother. Figures. Of course, I felt bad about it afterwards. God I hate my life.

I'll continue this friggin' long, uninteresting post after I had the presentation in the afternoon!

Anyways, we just completed the presentation. It was supposed to start at 1PM for a duration of twenty minutes! Ours lasted only 15. Is that a good sign or a bad one? Still, that didn't make a difference. Apparently, the judges sort of sniggered at our work (or so my group mates claimed - i wasn't paying that much attention to them!) We gave out our individual name cards, showed that the bottle label design among other stuff, tripped over MY bag a few times... You get the picture. It didn't go too well as I hoped (at least, not the part where I had presented anyways), but hey, it's all over! Just this module I mean.

All righty, I'm outie. It's been a horrifying week.
“All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers. “ 
- Orison Swett Marden

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