Thursday, July 1

Day of the Random Pictures 4

Forgive me if I've been posting ONE TIME TOO MANY random pictures now! Been dreadfully busy the past week, and this is all the time I can afford! Still, these pictures are just rad! I can't get enough of these humorous Harry Potter compiled humor from the movies that people on Tumblr wrote up. Enjoy!

I laughed hard at this one. Trelawny and Twilight collides!

These vamps look like they have a case of severe buck-tootherism.

Great. A chocolate camera. Just what I need.

A Dalmation horse?! 

...And this is what that nerdy paper clip existing in Windows should undergo a total transformation to be like!

Had the worst Web Graphics lesson (and graded tutorial) today ever!! I was clutching my head both sides most of the time with dread and stress. It was a Dreamweaver and Photoshop combined tut, so we had to create two similar webpages, with rollover images and texts and whatnot. It was the HARDEST thing ever. There were no clear instructions on how to create little stuff like boxes and cell spacing or whatevs, like the teacher usually does for us in previous tests. Ugh, no such luck. He only announced just BEFORE we were about to begin that it was gonna be DIFFICULT, and we would have to suss out how to work things out to look like the sample of the webpage. Go figure. Obviously, didn't complete both of mine. Dreamweaver was hell, most especially. My CSS styles wouldn't listen to me either, even if i clicked 'Apply'. I just hope I'm gonna pass this one at least. Damn.

“Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing. “ 
- Vince Lombardi

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