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Well, eighteen years hasn't done me any justice. I turn 18 today, and I'm finally LEGAL. To drink and whatevs and all, I mean. Which means I could go to jail instead of being sent to juvi if I do something wrong. Not that I plan on doing something wrong or drink or whatevs. It would just cause more implications to my life than it already is. Anyways, I'm just awaiting my mother's birthday present to me now. She's either getting me something from Juicy Couture (yay! Skylar cape please!!) or an Apple iPad! If I could ask for more, it'd definitely be a blue/silver-colored shoulder-length wig and my first Blythe doll! Still, that's all wishful thinking...

Anyways, I spent the day out with Bectouille. We decided to go to the theatre on the bay. Easy enough to guess where that is. We were pretty much sick of all our usual shopping haunts - so there we were. Apparently, she wanted to get some Mrs. Field's there, and I the movie memorabilia store there! More deets later.

So we met a little after eleven AM, and took a bus downtown! We shopped around the malls close by and I managed to buy SOMETHING! Foam alphabet stickers that is. Since I got it from a specially-for-scrapbooking-collectors store, it was pretty rad. Pictures below! I planned on using these to be pasted on the inside of my Mac, since I now had a guard on the area, so it wouldn't exactly ruin the whole thing. Bec didn't get the chipboard stickers (alphabets too!) 'cos she was worried she wouldn't have enough for the food and my present later.

We went to our supposed destination after that, munching on Dunkin' Donuts! I just love their donuts! Bec got 6 cookies from Mrs Field's and then we visited the souvenir shop and the movie memorabilia store. That store actually sold Harry Potter collector's wands (real sized ones that the actual Harry Potter cast used! Just that they probably aren't magical) which cost a friggin' 90 bucks! Overpriced or what?! They sold other props like Twilight stuff such as the Cullen's crest ring that Carlisle wore or Alice's locket and other stuff like that. I'd actually bought a Cullen crest necklace in the past from this store and it was pretty awesome! But we didn't get anything from there. I decided to get my birthday present from the souvenir store instead - this antique casino slot machine which was actually a pencil sharpener! Pretty cheap at 7,90 bucks. It was pretty cool, you could turn the slots too!

After that, we wandered around the place some more, and visited this library there, and they didn't have your NORMAL chick-lit and the usual genre books! They only had books on topics like film, media, theatre and stuff like that. You get the picture. There was even a section on 'Dancer Injuries'! Wowza.

We decided we were seriously starving a little while later, so we scoured the place for food that was actually affordable. No such luck. We went to another mall close by and settled for a restaurant which specialized in fish. They even had a TV showing documentaries on water creatures. We ordered the cheapest main courses on the menu! Bec got their famous fish and chips at 9.90 and I aglio-olio pasta at 11.90. It was actually called 'Unending Love Pasta'! How dumb is that name? Both ours came with a drink and soups, so we got Sprites and calamari asparagus soups. I had no idea what that was, but it actually AWESOME!! Found out my pasta was actually really spicy and contained a large slice of fish. Yuk. I never really liked fish. I downed tons of Sprite to relieve that spicy pasta, but I finished it! Well, not the fish perhaps. I secretly dumped it in a bag of Bec's and she offered to give it to her Dalmation to eat. Phew. We left the restaurant later with our tummies expanding and really full!

We walked around a little and then returned home! We originally wanted to go to this newly opened casino close by (okay, probably just me), but we couldn't find the place! And when we did, rain actually started pouring on us! It was too heavy we could only make out the structure of the building and nothing else!

Anyways, by the time I got home, it was a little after seven. I waited for my mother to bring home the cake and hopefully, macarons (she didn't get those in the end. Bummer)! It was flavoured cookies and cream. It tasted pretty all right, except for the fact it contained too much cream! Bleargh. Cream is actually fattening, and no way am I a fan of that!

Anyways, this day went pretty all right. I don't feel any different being 18. Still, I don't own a driver's license yet, much less my own car (preferably a Mustang, Lamborghini (in my dreams) or a rad BMW sports car)! Hopefully that day would come soon...
The birthday card Bectouille created for me! Thanks!! The potpourri mini hat was actually from her gran, bought in Japan!
The beads on the 18 number kept dropping. Still, awesome handmade card!! ;D
What I got today. Pretty pathetic loot. The foam alphabets and the slot machine pencil sharpener's still awesome though!
Bec and I swapped one of our shoes. This is a photo of her legs - one of her purple flats and the other's my new boot. Faux fur and sheepskin rocks!
My birthday cake. 8 small candles and I big one!

...And the quote below pretty much explains how I'm feeling right now.

"When you become senile, you won't know it." 
- Bill Cosby

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