Wednesday, August 18

Custom Mac Desktops

Just a few days ago, I managed to complete my first ever custom desktop for my Macintosh! It took many hours to get all the stuff for it, like PSD files and stuff. Anyways, here's how it looks at the end of it all. I'm pretty proud of it, I've gotta admit!
Double click to see this full-sized!
Anyways, you can create one just like mine! Well, only if you happen to have Adobe photoshop of course... Anyways, here's how I created this desktop! I got most of the PSD files from deviantart! Enjoy!

Wallpaper @ deviantart
Shelves @ devianart
Various icons @ pixelgirlpresents
Cork board @ deviantart
WANTED poster @ deviantart
Wall phone @ deviantart
Calendar in Deluxive Creative Pack 001 @ deviantart
Couch @ deviantart
Torn paper (bottom right corner) @ deviantart
Old Book @ deviantart
iPod @ deviantart
Martini @ officialPSDs
Candles @ deviantart
DVD Plastic Case (Ramona & Beezus cover!) @ deviantart
Film Frame @ deviantart
Orange CD Sleeve achieved with the Bowtie desktop app. It shows what you're listening to on iTunes!

I got my inspiration at first from this particular desktop which looks kind of similar to this one. Just that mine's probably containing more girlier accents and all that. This one's probably a lot less cluttered (unlike mine) and gives a pretty clean feel. Check it out here to see it full size!
There were other pretty cool custom desktops other people made too. Like these...

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