Friday, August 20

Music Flop

Woke up really early today for my music practical exam! I was totally nervous for this one, especially since my previous one last year was a total flop for me. I couldn't get up the registrations, messed up nearly all my pieces pretty bad due to the nerves and the aural part wasn't that impressive either. So I got a Pass for that one. Sincerely hoping I get at least a Merit this time!

Anyways, had to reach 9.15AM even though my time was supposed to be nine forty! I waited my turn after a girl went in a little later after I'd arrived. When she came out, she claimed her registrations came up with problems too. I was pretty sure right then mine would too, just like last year. So I wasn't feeling all round confident when my turn came. 

I entered the studio and greeted the examiner good morning. He was pretty old, and his accent was pretty hard to figure out, if he was kinda far away. He was a little hard of hearing too, so I was worried he might not have heard anything at all while I played my 3 pieces. I messed a little at the start for my first 2 pieces. Bummer. The final one went on all right. After that came the viva voce questions. He asked some pretty easy ones, then he came to the intervals. I'd thought he meant A and D at first, so I said 4th - I meant I'd REPEATED 4th 'cos he'd kept pinching his ears in to hear me. Then I realised he'd meant E and D, so I started panicking, and I got the answer wrong. Figures. Said 6th instead of 7th. Darn it. 

Afterwards, it was the chords sequence part, where I'd to create a melody with just the chords in 8 bars. Thank goodness he gave me time to think and look at the chords before I started. I stumbled a little, but otherwise, it was okay - I think.

Then came the final portion of the exam - the much dreaded aural test. Crap I suck at this. He went over to the piano and only played the piece once, then I had to beat the time, so I had to figure the time signature. I had no clue, so I went with 4/4, and beat the L shape. It was probably wrong, since it went against the rhythm of the piece. Darn. Then I had to clap the rhythm. That was all right. Then came the identifying of the intervals. I suck even worse at this. I had to identify them twice, so I'm hoping I got at least one right. The exam ended after that. He was friendly and not all that stern, at least. I went home feeling pretty dejected. 
It's rare to see a bunny getting all dressed up! Cute dress on this one!
Heard of Puss in Boots? Now, there's a Pig in (Gum)Boots too! So ah-dorable!
I just found this really funny - and delicious at the same time. Strawberry head for the cat!
Our favourite Nickelodeon exlorer Dora's not that child-friendly anymore... I've always liked the Swiping Fox!
Nicely put.
Demi turns 18 on 20 August too! Wow my birthday cake a few days ago pales in comparison to hers, obvs..

"The steeper the mountain the harder the climb but better the view from the finishing line." 
- Anonymous

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