Saturday, September 11

Confessions of a Gluttonous Shopper

Decided to go out with Bec today since my father apparently was coming home today. I'm not exactly planning on forgiving him after the death of Mochi and his heartless remarks and lecture.

So we went into town (we're always going to the same malls every now and then! How boring is that?) and decided to seek for lunch first. I got a fro-yo - peach flavoured! I was eager to try this out on my own - previously, I'd tasted a little when Bec bought it the other time. Not much to savor. Then, we went to Food Opera for Bec's fave noodles.

It was tough finding seats. We even had to ask a couple of people if they could share seats. I don't usually like standing by waiting for a table though, I'd be irritated just the same. Anyways, thank goodness a family got up from their table so we took one side of the table. I sat down and slowly (REAL slowly!) relished my fro-yo. It was awesome. No brain freeze, since it's not like I'm devouring the thing. Still, I've got plenty of practice with slushies - so I rarely get brain freeze.

Bec's line for her food took forever - I'd thought she couldn't find her way back to our table too. Apparently, a woman just in front of her queue took forever with her tray of food, and was disrupting everybody else in their pursuit for lunch.

After we'd finished our food (or dessert, in my case), we got up and went looking for more food too. We went into a Japanese lifestyle store first, and then exited the mall with a lemon and lime ice-blended (Bec's) and a tub of chocolate popcorn (I'd wanted NACHOS, but they were unavailable. Dang).

We wove in and out of several stores in one mall to another. God, I was so hungry for food right then, we went to another mall (close by) just so I could get a burger! I felt like such a glutton right then. We'd spent so much on food and barely on anything proper (such as the random junk stuff we used to get years ago).

Anyways, we walked into the departmental stores and browsed for a bit. We didn't spend all on food, at least. Bec got these wooden hearts from the Japanese store and I got a Sylvanian Families figurine (yes, I collect them, and leave them somewhere in their original boxes to collect dust over time)!

We took the train back (thinking it was faster than taking the bus) and apparently, it took longer. Waiting times and all that. Gah!

Anyways, I'm seriously making my own pact - that from now on, I'm not gonna spend more than half of my money all on food! I've really done it this time. All that's left in my wallet is a miserable two bucks. TWO! Gawd.

"Attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching?" 
- Unknown

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