Friday, September 10

The Mighty Wallet®

Was too bored to stay at home today. So I went out with a wad of cash wearing my trusty black motorcycle boots! Took the train into town and headed to the bookstore first and got a novel of my favorite series (Secrets of my Hollywood Life!) and DOLLY magazine! Never tried reading this mag from Australia before, so guess it starts now!

After that, I went to the departmental stores and got my hands on the infamous Mighty Wallet®! It was pretty expensive - 25 bucks! Thank goodness I only paid 5++ with the vouchers my mother gave me. Phew. I didn't bring too much moolah out either. Below's a snap I took of it! I had a hard time choosing between this and a vintage postal sort!
The Mighty Wallet® I got - BubbleGum themed! Thank God there were the ten dollar vouchers my mother gave me! Watch the video below which unveils The Mighty Wallet®!
Purchase or see more designs of The Mighty Wallet® by Dynomighty Design here!
Anyways, I heard this particular wallet can withstand more than a year - perhaps even longer! I can't wait to try it out and watch it grow old and all vintage-y like! I love how all the themes The Mighty Wallet® offers look so vintage. Wait - how many times have the word 'vintage' popped up in this post already?

And now, begins my review for The Mighty Wallet®! Firstly, you'd have to know what it's made of to make it tear-, water- and stain-resistant! Well, it is made from Tyvek. No idea what that is? Simply put, it's the same stuff that is used to make those incredibly sturdy express mail envelopes! Not only that, its ingenious origami design reinforces that strength by using a single folded stitch less construction allowing the wallet to gradually expand and adapt to meet your own personal storage needs, which basically means you can pretty much stuff it with all the AmEx-es, random cards and wads of cash you want. Obvs, the wallet will grow fatter, but still it's a miracle to watch.

I'm gonna state on the positives and rad parts of this Mighty Wallet® first before I move on to the parts where it is lacking.

  • It is a recyclable wallet! When have you ever seen something that is 100% recyclable look that vintage and would score you major cool points at school?
  • Assuming you aren't gonna stuff it to its maximum (meaning just a credit card or two and a couple dollar bills), it's not gonna be so obvious or protruding when you stuff it into your jeans pocket! In fact, ipeople might not even notice it's there!
  • Not only is it recyclable, it is also made out of recycled objects! Try 25% of post-consumer materials such as recycled milk and water containers on for size.
  • Great conversation starter! When was the last time someone asked you about your wallet?

And now, the cons of the great and almighty wallet!
  • Where's the slot for coins? If you intend on using this wallet for a while, it'd be a good idea to invest in a good coin pouch! You'd come across coins at some point and this wallet ain't gonna hold 'em proper!
  • I'm a little nervous about the outward facing pockets - the part which the video above mentioned about 'quick access to business cards'. Sure they might come in real handy if you don't want to go through the manual task of prying your wallet open and searching through the rows of credit cards and other stuff. But there's the problem of easy dislodging with those problematic pockets - which is why it would NOT be wise to stash your cash in those areas!
Well, that's it for the review! I'll be using this wallet from tomorrow onwards (and carrying around a coin pouch to boot!). I'll keep posted on how it works and if it's really as 'MIGHTY' as it claims to be! After all, I heard several reviews about the fading graphics on the wallet after only 2 days, and where the cards from the wallet scattered all over the floor when removing it from the pocket.

Anyways, below is an update of my desktop picture I altered a little bit after the death of Mochi on Sunday. I made it a little tribute to both my hamsters. It's so hard to believe I've lost them. Then again, the people who followed my Tumblr page about hamsters have been really supportive. Pudding is on the polaroid on the corkboard, both Mochi and Pudding on the old, open book beside the pink couch, framed on the wall next to the candle, and one old photo of them as a "magnet" on the corkboard! I miss them so, so much. I don't think I can ever get over their deaths.
Double-click the image to view in high-res and full screen!

"The first rule is not to lose. The second rule is not to forget the first rule." 
- Warren Buffett

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