Thursday, September 9

Peeping Tom

Well, today was the big exam (technically, since out of the seven modules I have this semester, there was only one which has a written exam to study for - and tons too!). I'd been prepping for weeks now (all right, probably just 2 and a half weeks) and I nearly forgot everything I'd studied for thanks to the nerves!

It was a 2 hour paper, and thankfully enough, it got on fast. I was wearing my brown suede boots, and perfect timing! It had to start pouring right when the exam nearly ended! So I went home and got my boots so drenched it looked so horrible. The raindrops were just scary on the the suede boots, 'cos you can see them so clearly on brown. I hope the color's not gonna fade anytime soon. I'd have to spray all my boots with that waterproof spray sometime soon. It's a complete terror.

Well, it gets boring after that, so here's a video about the Inception Cat. He lies there waiting to pounce, to haunt your dreams! Or at the very least peep at you in the bathroom... The music goes so well with the tension too. Keep watching - you'll see nothing in the first coupla seconds!
"If you are patient in one moment of anger, you will escape a hundred days of sorrow." 
- Chinese Proverb

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