Wednesday, September 8


It's been two days since Mochi died... It's so hard to believe I lost my two hamsters in less than a month. So now I'm pet-less. Damn it. I wonder why Pudding & Mochi passed away so fast. They were still lively the day before (for Pudding). But Mochi had been looking listless days ago and lying in her cotton bed most of the time. My heart is so broken I doubt I can ever get out of this mourning period. Everytime I look at the empty space where the cage used to be, and my heart breaks and aches so much.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I miss cleaning up after my hamsters, and feeding them their vita-syrup and brushing their fur each day. They'd left such a huge void in my life - i feel too empty inside. 

Anyways, hopefully, they're both cremated properly (cost a hundred and twenty in total for both their cremations!) and buried somewhere peaceful. And that they are reunited in hamster heaven. I cry into my pillow every night too. *Sigh* At least crying in command will come easy now...

I've been pigging out lately too, to rid myself of the depression I feel during this mourning period... Mixed cheddar cheese slices, jelly and macarons! Yummers.
Hazelnut flavored maracon! Loooove it!

"My luck is so bad that if I bought a cemetery, people would stop dying." 
- Ed Furgol

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