Tuesday, September 7

Psyched for iPad

Couldn't blog about anything else besides the demise of my remaining hamster, Mochi. So I'm gonna talk all about the iPad, and nothing but the iPad! WARNING! I might get sidetracked along the way.
This is what being too psyched causes you - INJURY.

Ughhh. I'm typing t his whole thing for the SECOND time. Some network problem popped up and it didn't allow me to save my work. Anyways, gonna make this more snappy than what I'd written before (which is really long).

Anyways, I didn't get to blog about my day out yesterday because of the demise of my beloved, remaining hamster called Mochi. And I wish I hadn't gone out - I might have been by her side as she breathed her last then... I feel terribly guilty and wrecked over that.

Anyways, my mother and I headed to the IT exhibition after my music class (I get the chance to do Grade 6 theory, but it might have to be in a group lesson...). We got my iPad case first (this way, I'm guaranteed an iPad! Hah!) at the second floor foyer. I wish I had gotten pink now. I don't think well with Blue. The salesman HAD to say the rare colors were blue, orange and brown! So without really thinking at all, I went for blue. Bummer.

We headed off to the restaurant where they sold the best macarons! My aunt and later, my uncle joined us for lunch there! I ordered a macaroni with clams in tomato broth for the main course, a cream of mushroom soup for the appetizer, and a chocolate souffle for dessert! Best meal I had since a real long time! When my main course came, my aunt and mother protested to the waitress, saying it was a wrong order and everything. Apparently, they though that tomato broth was tomato soup instead of my ordered mushroom soup. It was hilarious. They didn't think my main course would be a soup serving, since they didn't know what the meaning of 'broth' was. It was pretty good, the macaroni. The soup was pretty awesome too, even though I didn't relish tomato soup very much. The mushroom soup was awesome, and the chocolate souffle was the best dessert I'd tasted in a long time! There are just too many words to describe this souffle that I've no idea where to start! I wish I'd thought of snapping a shot of the souffle first before I greedily dug in though.

Anyways, I first ate off the sides. And it was all crunchy chocolatey goodness! As I dug deeper into the dessert, it got all soft and mushy and really hot. Even the ceramics the souffle was served in was scalding hot! All in all, I give the chocolate souffle a perfect ten rating! Not that I'm a food critique or anything...

After my mother and aunt settled the bill, we got macarons in a box of six! I got a cherry blossom, an orange-chocolate, a hazelnut, three chocolates! Apparently, my aunt and uncle weren't too crazy about the macarons, so my mother and I dug into hers. So yay, I could save my box for another day (which is fortunate since the recent deaths of my hamsters have been really getting me down. Food is the only way that goes)!

We headed back to the exhibition after that, and I finally got a cool new USB mouse! A dark lavender colored one! Plus, it's uni-retractable (see the photo below to see what that means) and only cost 15.90!

The iPad silicon skin (39 bucks with a free screen protector for the iPad and white earphones!) and my new purple USB mouse!
...And this is exactly what uni-retractable means!

Anyways, on to the iPad stuff. Why do I want one you might ask? First and foremost, it's a tablet computer in the most modern form you can find. That'd make drawing on iSketch so much easier, although drawing with your fingers is a lot harder than it sounds. Check this video below of a man who draws a portrait using JUST his fingers and the Brushes app on the iPad! Forward to 6:23 to watch the whole process of finger painting in 1/6 time! This was completed in approximately 3 hours. A stunning masterpiece!
My next reason is the launch of the new app iBooks - which basically allows to read e-books - no hassle of paper or fear of bending the spine of your books (okay it's probably just me)! I wish they had more titles in the App Store for books though... Still, there are quite a number I've got planned out for downloading/buying! I've included the apps I've added to my wishlist on iTunes (due to major excitement for the iPad) and below are some of 'em (mostly books for the iBooks app)! Most of them here are actually apps that are free-of-charge (shhhh!!). I'll provide a link for each of these apps to iTunes for the full price/description/customer reviews of the app, as well as including some related videos or footnotes of my own! Enjoy!
The most anticipated app for moi! Very much like Amazon's Kindle, but probably gonna be doing a lot better! After all, it provides a rad, vintage bookshelf for your e-books! Click HERE to view in iTunes. 
THIS particular app - Alice for the iPad, was the one that made me actually anticipate iBooks in the first place! So first dibs on this! This is actually a 'LITE' version, obvs meaning it's a free app. I can't figure what's the difference between this and the similar app which actually cost 8.99! Perhaps the LITE versh is not full? Anyways, see the video below in complete illustration of the most gorgeous app! Simply magical!
Impressed by what you just saw? If you didn't get into a dizzy spell watching that, click HERE (LITE version) and HERE (if you wanna pay for it!) to view and download on iTunes! 
Relive the Three Little Pigs. Click HERE to view in iTunes.
Click HERE to view in iTunes. And yes, this costs money.
I love this part! You get to spin your Aesop's Fables. Originally for preschoolers, but who gives a dope? Now check out the corresponding YouTube video below!

Never tried reading Twilight just because there were too many words in it? Then try out the fully graphical novel adaptation, also by Stephanie Meyer, the author! ...And some other illustrator guy who works out the manga. See that 'Lite' word at the corner? Yup, it's free, so click HERE to view in iTunes.

The Moving Tales' The Pedlar Lady of Gushing Cross is a must-have iPad app to read! It even have both Spanish & English versions! Check out the engaging video below of this sophisticated, with tons of sound effects, appealing read! Click HERE to view in iTunes.

Click HERE to view in iTunes. I absolutely heart this app! Just 99 c!

Click HERE to view in iTunes.

Secret Diary App! I love that it's pink! I couldn't find the 'view in iTunes' link for this one.

This is a game (pretty lame footnote - I know) Click HERE to view in iTunes.

OMG I'll go nuts for this game! It's all about the Salem Witch Trials (one of my favorite topics) and the graphic effects are scary enough to spook anyone! Click HERE to view in iTunes.

Touch Hockey! I love pucks. Click HERE to view in iTunes.

"I find it fascinating that most people plan their vacations with better care than they do their lives." 
- Jim Rohn

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