Sunday, September 12

iPad Flurry

I've been too busy so I'm blogging this a little later after midnight, but I tweaked the schedule of this post anyways so I keep within my 'daily post' boundary. Speaking of which, I've been thinking lately, perhaps I shouldn't blog daily - I mean, I'm probably the only blogger on Earth who actually blogs EVERY DAY. If I do happen to scratch of this silly idea (which is gonna ruin things after all this time I'd kept to my own personal promise for about 7 months now), I'll remove the dates of all my posts so it doesn't look as awful. I wish I had a Magic 8 Ball to make this decision. I hate being torn between tough decisions.

Anyways, my music lesson was shifted to Saturday today, instead of Sunday, since my teacher had to go overseas after that. So I've been racing to finish my music theory and start practising my pieces just the night before! It didn't go too badly, thank goodness.

After that, my mother met me at the train station and we took downtown to find my cousin, where she's working full shift today at a shop in the Central. I love this mall, it's relatively new, and full of potential. Okay I'm yapping again. 

Anyways, I wasn't expecting the shop, called 'Spotty Glitz' to be that TINY. It was situated alongside other small stalls, selling bags and clothes and other random items. And I don't mean to be rude, but the items for sale at the shop she's working at was pretty dull. The tees were too plain even for ten bucks. The accessories were pretty poor quality. I liked the miniature clip-on hats like the ones gothic lolitas in Japan usually adorn - but the thread stitching wasn't too great so I'm pondering. 

My mother also poked around the store and was trying to find stuff to buy to help with the shop's sales. Apparently, my cuz hadn't had much luck selling since 1 PM, when she opened the stall. I was finding a decent piece of accessory too, which wasn't easy, believe me. Just sayin'! 

We decided to seek a late lunch first! We walked around the mall for a bit and I suggested an Italian restaurant called Spaggedies. I think. I can't exactly remember. I'd eaten there previous with Becky before though, their food's awesome, albeit really pricey! I wish I'd a camera then to take photos of all the food in HD. The camera on my phone seriously suck big-time. Everything comes out blurry no matter how good the lighting may be. I should start bringing a camera whenever I go out!

Anyways, I ordered a Spaghetti Vongole, which has white wine, clams (I can't get enough of clams!), pasta (obvs) and garlic (I took them all out before I dug in). I shared that with my mother, while my cuz got a tomato pasta with crayfish. Their wild mushroom soup my cuz and I tried out was pretty good. Then, we ordered an Italian Chocolate Cake to share! It was good - the hot fudge. Of course, at the end of it all, my mother foot the bill even for my cuz. Lucky lucky. 

We headed back to her shop after that. I finally decided on a silver tiny bracelet with several equally tiny charms with two crosses (big part of the reason why I got this. Another part was because it was just a buck and ninety!!), two six-petaled flowers and one hollow circle. It's not much, but whatevs. Photos of the the bracelet and the box my cuz gave it to me in below! 

I styled this for the photo a little nicely than how my cousin had dumped the bracelet in the box before. I jokingly accused her for her 'pathetic service' when my mother bought a necklace from her worth twenty over dollars but she got a plastic bag out of a binder instead! And when it was pretty obvious she didn't really know how to operate the cash register with the discounted prices and everything. Lol.
A pink glittery box!

My mother and I left to get my iPad shortly after that, promising my cuz I would come back later. I didn't. Too lazy to return after that when nearly all the authorised resellers of Apple had sold out the iPad WiFi+3G 16GB. Guess it was the cheapest alternative for those who wanted the 3G function too. The 32G and 64G I wouldn't have minded, but were much too exy with all that extra flash memory!

I was pretty upset after the second centre (close to each other in neighbouring malls thank goodness) we visited said there was no stock for the iPad model I wanted. Thank God one of the sales guy helped us contact another outlet to see if there was a person who had cancelled reservation for the same model of iPad. There was. Eternally grateful to that guy who helped us!

We took the train a stop away and went to the outlet. I was fervently hoping he wasn't playing a joke on us along the way... He wasn't. The first salesperson my mother asked was actually the guy we were asked to contact! Phew. We left with the iPad pretty fast after that. Boy, was I ecstatic. Until I found out my father's possibly paying for half of my iPad, so I can't keep a new pet. Ugh. Guess I've just little reason to hate him now after that whole episode last Sunday when Mochi died and he heartlessly yelled at me for cremating her for 60 bucks. Doubt it'll be easy for me to forgive this time 'round.

We went home after buying a stick of red octopus (tako in Japanese!) and two sticks of squid at the Japanese food fair! My mother didn't tell me how the octopus' bulging, red head tasted when she did before me. It was awful. She laughed when I blamed her for not warning me before. I'm NEVER eating heads again, even if they do belong to octopuses. 

We began unpacking the iPad box on the bus ride home, and then slowly putting the screen protector and the blue squish skin I got the other day at the IT exhibition last week! I had to charge ten hours after that so there was no time to start registering it or downloading apps. So I gotta wait for tomorrow. Darn. 
Time to charge a full ten hours!
The stupid light bulb. And I'd though the person said the screen protection was anti-glare...

The iPad box it came in.

"Work joyfully and peacefully, knowing that right thoughts and right efforts will inevitable bring about right results." 
- James Allen

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