Monday, September 13

Day In with the iPad

Well, since it's Sunday and my usual music lesson had been shifted to yesterday, I'm pretty much staying home the entire day again today. Not that I mind or anything - after all, I've got the iPad to download apps and play and stuff!

I woke pretty early, say ten in the morning, given that I'd slept early for a change last night. I quickly unplugged the charger to my iPad, turned on my Mac, and registered my iPad on iTunes! Started all the syncing stuff. Only did for the music on my iTunes, which wasn't much. About 250++ songs! 

Then, I couldn't exactly find the wishlist I'd came up with on the iTunes store on my Macbook on the iPad! It couldn't be found. Another drawback that iPad doesn't have, but I'll get to that in a bit. So I'd to refer to the wishlist on my Mac, and back to the iPad, and had to search for each apps on the Apps Store one by one! Tough job, I know. 

After that, I played with the (free) apps I'd downloaded for a bit, then realised there was something wrong with the iTunes store on my iPad! It was missing tabs like 'Music', 'TV Shows', 'Movies' on the bottom panel! So I read the User Manual which I downloaded from iBooks (the app is awesome!!) and learned the ropes to resetting on my iPad. It still didn't work.

I connected my iPad to the Mac again. This time, I restored the iPad which took quite a while updating the software again and even tried erasing all content (meaning the apps I'd taken sooo long to seek out and download!). Still not working. 

I gave up, and re-downloaded all the apps again, same way I did before. It was faster this time 'round, but just as exasperating. All that I'd summarized above took place between a span of 8 hours. Impressive huh?

Anyways, besides iPad not containing the wish list that allows you to store your desired apps or later purchasing on your iTunes account, other thing it is definitely lacking in is that there is no CAMERA at all! So that means no snapping of quick pictures to upload and share on social networking tools like Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and stuff. The iPad is clearly more for media consumption than for media creating. Another thing is of course, you can't view flash content. I wonder why they would not allow that, but probably 'cos Apple is not a big fan of lags on the much-coveted iPad...

"Strong, deeply rooted desire is the starting point of all achievement." 
- Napoleon Hill

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