Monday, November 1

Happy Halloween and Blessed Samhain!

I didn't go as anyone or anything this year... Pity! Didn't have the time to put together a costume! But if I had, I'm pretty sure I'd have gone as a witch - again! I should really start coming up with more costume ideas for Halloween next year! For now, I'm just sitting in front the computer screen, blogging and listening to Radio Disney. Real boring way to spend Halloween night, I know. The only good thing for me now is all the Halloween candy! Tootie rolls please!

Photos galore below - all Halloween-themed! Some of the celebrities' costumes were seriously genius - especially Chris Colfer's! Happy Halloween and have a Blessed Samhain (Google it up if you have no clue what that is) everyone!

P.S: The cutest kitty Halloween costumes below, BEWARE! They'd blow your mind! (I added a tiger and dog for more variety!)
Say HAI to Batman!
Goshers, no matter how cute that skeleton suit may look (I hope it's not painted on the dog), it looks so uncomfortable! 
A very Mickey Halloween!
 Rad lips for Halloween!

And now, photos of celebrities all decked out for Halloween! 
 Amanda Seyfried (Dear John, Letters to Juliet) prowling the streets in this lion ensemble! 
 Erin Sanders as Hit Girl and Stephen Lunsford as... umm.. 
 Sammi Hanratty as a dark fairy?!
 Ke$ha dons blue lipstick on Halloween night!
 Madison Pettis! 
 Debby Ryan as Audrey Hepburn!
Check it out! It's Kris Allen as Super Mario!
Isabelle Fuhrman (The Orphan) dresses as Ke$ha! Totally cool interpretation!
 The Veronicas!
 Scarianthi (Orianthi) - the frightful vamp.
 Chris Colfer goes as Los Angeles/ Hollywood! Nice back cloak.
A random cutie in a Starbucks cup! Love the top hat with the straw!

My faves have gotta be Debby Ryan (as Audrey Hepburn), Chris Colfer (as a humanized Los Angeles) and Isabelle Fuhrman (as Ke$ha)!

"There is nothing that gives more assurance than a mask." 
- Colette

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