Sunday, October 31

Spooktacular Scarefests

Hurrah it's finally Halloween tomorrow! Had my musical theory grade exam today though. My mother came with me since the exam venues change every year (but they're always on Saturdays!). This was only my second time taking the music theory exam! I'd skipped several grades. Apparently, it was in some academy (not as fancy a name as the school itself - the 'academy' word makes any school seem classy, even when it really isn't!) We took a taxi there early in the morning, since the exam started at ten and I had to reach a half hour before. We found the place easy enough - thank goodness. 

Long story short, the school was pretty ugly and dull, but the classrooms (primarily the seats) were nice enough - there was AC! I was one of the last few to complete (many others were taking a lower grade so they finished faster) but I managed to hand in my paper in one hour and a few minutes (my grade had a maximum of 2 hours). Here's a photo of a pretty darn cool carved pumpkin!
My uncle and aunt offered to drive us to the night safari for its Halloween event! Even though it wasn't even October 31st itself, there was a long stretch of cars from the highway entrance right to the safari and out to the other exit to the highway! (The po-po pulled up and started giving parking tickets to those cars when we were on our way home! Harsh.) Thank goodness we parked in the safe zone (i.e. beyond the yellow barrier gate - you'd have to pay for that). That's not exactly true in a way - my uncle parked on a bare road in between parking spaces and another car pulled up in front ours, following our lead, so we're sorta saved from a ticket or a wheel clamp.

The safari was hell boring, since they didn't want to pay to go in. We hung around outside instead - there were still demons, Japanese geisha ghosts lurking around scaring people. Other than that, the place was pretty boring. We watched people yelling after being crept up on by the ghosts and demons, watched a li'l kid getting a fish spa (I honestly won't be able to take the tickles as the fish bite away at your dead skin cells), and sat at an eatery and watched people getting scared all over again. I wish I had time to pull together a Halloween costume before I went there tho...
This pumpkin-scarecrow thingy stood up at times, growled a little bit, then sat back down.
"Death by Chocolate" brownie at the eatery we sat at! Just 5 bucks and it was awesome! The R.I.P brownie wasn't exactly as nice as the white bones (they're some soft biscuit sorts - perhaps a cross between a marshmallow and a biscuit)! The red stuff is strawberry jam! Not a fan of jam, but I still loved it.

"Where there is no imagination there is no horror."
  - Arthur Conan Doyle, Sr.

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