Sunday, December 5

19 and Preggers

Attended yet another wedding tonight! This one was a lot less grandeur than the one at St. Regis! Obviously, since they didn't have it at a hotel. More like a small li'l restaurant of sorts in a country club! Plus, they allowed smoking areas in all parts (even outside the restaurant)! Damn it. 

Only my mother and I attended! My brother stayed home. Oh well. I shook hands with the bride before we went in. You can tell from the title - she's just a year older than I am - 19. And she's totally preggers! I used to be friends with her in the past I reckon, since she's the daughter of my mother's longtime friend. I don't exactly remember. Anyway, how time flies! I can't believe she got married so quickly too. Goshers. She looked dazzling in her wedding dress though. Her new significant other looked pretty average really. They obviously looked too young to get married, both of 'em. 

Now, on to the main part of this post... the FOOD!!! I didn't bother taking any photos though. They didn't exactly got decked in exquisite styles with expensive cutlery. No offense there! They served the first dish with some real pizazz *dripping sarcasm*. The waitresses marched in through the red carpet and started assembling at each table with a large plate. I was positively smirking to myself by then. The food was all pretty good though!

My mother and I got a ride home, thankfully. Her friend's son drove us home in an almost-sports car. The car was so low that when I bent to get into the car, I hit my head pretty back on the ceiling of the car. Damn. It kinda made me wish I have a driving license though... and of course, keys to a cool wheels like a Lamborghini, Mustang or a Porsche!

"Grief can take care of itself, but to get the full value of joy, you must have somebody to divide it with." 
- Mark Twain

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