Monday, December 6

Christmas Shopping: Day One

Hurrah I finally started shopping for Christmas (not really, most of the stuff - okay, perhaps all - were for me), and tagged along with my mother. After all, I wouldn't have to pay for anything I buy! ;D Too bad I didn't get that miniature Christmas tree at the end. The line for the cashier was too long, and my feet were already feelin' the BUUUURN by night. I took snapshots of all the stuff I got! Well, except for the pink swimsuit top and black goggles I got too! Now, I've got a complete swimsuit set, so I can finally start swimming again! Gosh, how I've missed being in the water. It's been more than a year now. The shopping malls were so crowded though, my mother and I were just struggling to get through the hordes of people with our massive and numerous shopping bags. 
  Adorable vintage stickers that were 5.80 each (OMFG!!!) and Little Red Riding stamps in a 'book' packaging! Sooo cute! BTW the latter cost 12.35 bucks. By golly. And there're only 4 stamps in there!
 Tons of magazines like Teen Vogue (lovin' this month's cover!) and M and another Clique novel! Yayyyy!!
 A two-figure limited edition set of Sylvanian Families! USA and EspaƱa FTW! It was really exy though - nearly 30 bucks.
...And my mother got this boxed set with the Mel Chan doll (from Japan, obvs) for my baby cousin of 2 years. Apparently, you can bathe her in that apple case and her hair changes to a pink color! Rad.
A close-up of Mel-chan. She's starting to grow on me. Especially that strawberry blond hair.

"The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree:  the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other." 
- Burton Hillis

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  1. Hi there,

    Not sure if your cousin still playing her Mell Chan Doll. Please do visit my blog for handmade customized clothes for Mell Chan. Thank you. :)


    Arty Angel


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