Tuesday, December 7

Easy Español

Ended school with a BANG today! Our Spanish teacher simply reviewed the stuff we learnt the past 6 weeks and then gave us our test. It was worth 25% of our total grade, but boy was it as easy as a pea. It didn't even exceed one side of a paper! We just had to fill in 5 one-word blanks with the Spanish verbs and all that, then write about our personal information (in Spanish of course) in a tiny box, approximately 15 to 30 words. I exceeded the word limit, since I got bored waiting for someone to ask if we could leave once we were done with our paper... Hopefully I can get full marks for this one. We got done with class in less than an hour too. Got a fish burger and headed for home! Now, I'm gonna start catching up on 'No Ordinary Family'! Love Kay Panabaker and Autumn Reeser in this!

"One man's frankness is another man's vulgarity." 
- Kevin Smith

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