Wednesday, December 8


I can't wait for Christmas, for real!! So I'm probably gonna put up stuff Christmas-related the next few days or something. Who knows? Since I pretty much try to blog daily, I just come up with whatever I can on the day itself. Which mostly happen to be just crap. Oh wells. Anyways, I've never exactly bothered to go all doe-eyed with my mother whenever I want her to buy me something. I just flat out ask or demand it, I s'pose. But you could always try that look (like the girl below from 'Despicable Me' whose name I forgot) if you want something a little pricey this Christmas!
Taken from a scene in Despicable Me! Love that movie.
Another GIF of the same girl! Sweet stuff.
Yay, for snowmen!

“Christmas is the Disneyfication of Christianity”
- Don Cupitt

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