Saturday, December 4

Hell in Impromptu

Had just two modules today, but it was 6 hours in total! Damn. Anyways, I had radio in the noon! We had to get into random groups (the teacher chose randomly unfortch... but my group was okay), then we had only AN HOUR to come up with a radio commercial, with SFX and all to boot! When it was our turn to present, I realised I didn't have any roles assigned to me, and it was a kinda graded assessment (just 5%). The teacher asked what I was gonna do, and the people in my group just nodded when she asked if I was the one cueing everybody in for the commercial. *Phew*

We had Speech Comm next. I kinda knew there was gonna be a practice impromptu speech, to prep us for the graded impromptu speech next week, that would have to go on for 3 minutes. Crap. I know I'm dead meat for that one. Bec had the same class earlier than mine, in the morning. She told me the subject of the speech and I kinda thought about it for a bit. I still kinda messed up in the end though. I paused (but not as much as I had blanked out in the sales pitch weeks ago). I managed to do my speech with a conclusion, but it lasted only a minute and fifty seconds. I've no idea how I'm gonna have to talk for 3 whole minutes in the next one. Argh.
These rats are hibernating up to Christmas too! Adorbs Santa hats!!

Check out this Dancing Dog groovin' to Mexican tunes! ¡Ay, caramba! Though if you take away that catchy music, you'll realize the poor shaggy is really trying to claw through the glass window!

"Remember, if Christmas isn't found in your heart, you won't find it under a tree."
- Charlotte Carpenter

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