Friday, December 3

Screwed Presentation

We finally had our Social Psychology presentation today. Real tiring day it is, for sure. I arrived pretty early for the presentation (we all had to, or else 1% would be deducted off the entire group if just that one person wasn't in class yet).

My group went 2nd! When we went up to the teacher and gave him our flash drive AND a CD. He started scolding us when he saw that flash drive. Something went wrong with the paper we handed up to him too, 'cos we filled it up wrongly. Naturally, we got scolded for that as well. It didn't do good for our nerves just before our presentation. He told us to calm down to boot. God.

We showed our human documentary first (love the music - it was Pokemon Red/Blue Route 1). We spoke our powerpoint slides pretty all right. Somehow, we think we did the worst out of all the other groups in class though. Damn. Ours totally wasn't in depth at all. Oh well. 

Had hot cream of mushroom soup for lunch when we went to the printing shop! It burned my tongue, bad. It was real awesome tho, the soup. Had WritComm after that. Did tons of activities. Then, I went home. Another boring, boring day. Gah. Share

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