Thursday, December 2

Prepping Presentations

Watch out. A boring, long-winded post about my school life is up. I had an hour of lecture at 9AM (which is still crazy early, if  you ask me!) and met up with my group mates for a final meeting before we have our Social Psychology presentation on verbal and non-verbal communication tmrw! We edited our powerpoint slides again, filmed an extra section for bonus marks at the drinks store (something about comparisons between iced chocolate and iced milo) and then rehearsed the parts we were gonna present thrice. Well, almost. I screwed up at the 2nd try. We were only given 15 minutes in all to present and show a human documentary. While we rehearsed, I'd kept on talking until the timer rang. I did better in my 3rd try, I s'pose. I condensed my slides more. Went home after that, and worked on my radio assignment and blah, blah, blah. This is totally boring me out... blogging about school, that is. The good part of today is that I finally managed to download mp4 format movies like Ramona and Beezus, The American Mall and Eclipse! Shhh... I'm not gonna bother with finding a quote for today, so ciaooo xx 

P.S.: On a happier note... Hurrah it's finally the month of December! Christmas to look forward to, and one more month till it's New Year 2011! 

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