Monday, February 22

Quickie Post!

This is gonna have to be a quick one! Since I've to go to work EARLY in just a few hours with my mother, as her assistant. But I'll get a whole day's pay, so I'm willing to sacrifice what LITTLE free time I have! Anyway, just some personal rant-ish stuff, some pictures, a quote, and I'm DONE here! It's all drab black in this post, apologies!
Pretty darn cool paints right at the side of the scripture! Hallelujah!

Whoa. My own MOTHER just asked me to help her create a Facebook account! And I don't even have one! Well, not currently anyway. I created one once. I deleted it, since it was a helluva bore. I was bored online just not long ago as well. I created the account again. Still the same ol'... Deleted once more. Pathetic much? Anyway, my mother just wanted to see the pictures her colleagues posted online of some function or summat. So I s'pose that's all right. But no matter how you look at it, it's still WEIRD. Some of my previous teachers even have Facebook accounts!

Wow, this post is turning out pretty long after all. I've no friggin' idea if I should make a navigation/menu bar for my novel-blog, Stalking Hams! It's easier to view that way. But I'll probably just mess that up. That, and having to go through different tutorials they have on the web. More work! *Yawn*

On to the GRIM stuff. I'd just had this reunion dinner with relatives on my father's side! There were actually FOUR smokers in our fam, I didn't know it was hell that many. (Crappers, I'm saying 'Hell' lots now. Probably 'cos I'm currently hooked on 'The Catcher in the Rye'!) And a particular aunt of mine went all Scrooge-y and sullen on me when I clearly said 'Thanks' like she couldn't hell listen to a word I said. Unfair much?

And here are some of the rather gross and poor remains of my first Tiramisu I shared with my friend Becky at a restaurant in a new shopping mall in the heart of the city! We had taken a picture of the before-Tiramisu on the camera on her phone. So I'll just post these after-Tiramisu shots first! After we were done with it, we used pepper and salt shakers to decorate the leftover Tiramisu! It was goddamn awful. The waitresses there seemed pretty reluctant to clear up our stuff after, and a whole group of them LAUGHED at us while we were in this happy-deco mood. Still, no matter! Here they are:

Half-finished Tiramisu!
A minute later...
Life Quotes
A special graphic quote this time!


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