Sunday, July 4

DIY: Book Rings and Day of the Bad Techs

This has been the most horrible, bad tech day scare ever in a long time for me (aside from when my hamster, Mochi might have to go through euthanasia at the vet's. Read here for more deets about that!) It's been a bad techie scare day - first, my fave G-CUBE USB mouse (a pink, plaid one) spoilt after I'd dropped it only ONCE, and the rubber had peeled off to reveal the wires underneath. Then, after my music lesson, I found out my cellphone had turned off on its own and the screen wouldn't budge. It couldn't turn on, no matter how long and hard I pressed the 'on' button. Bummer, I hadn't transferred any of my contacts into the SIM card, so I'm left with nothing now, except my mother's REALLY OLD and REALLY CHEAP (think less than 50 bucks) LG phone with bad color screen resolution and just the basic features - just CALL, MESSAGE, CAMERA and SETTINGS. Hopefully my phone's all right when it gets sent to the phone maintenance people. I can't do without QWERTY keyboards. Precisely why I love Sidekicks. Next, my Macbook Pro froze on me. It was stuck at the SLEEP mode - where they ask for my password, and the cursor doesn't move at all, so I couldn't exactly type in my pw to get through that phase. Ugh! I couldn't even turn off the power as hard as I tried. How unfortch was I?! Then, after I came back from eating, turns out my brother had it back to normal. Miracle. I couldn't even turn it off when I pressed the button for long. Somehow, my brother did. Oh well. He's always been a tech genius, as much as I hate to admit it. No matter how many times my 'rents try to block the computer with parental controls and all, he does something to make it work. They gave up after awhile, of course. So now, he plays the desktop everyday. I suppose that's the only thing he's good at. Bah. All right, I bet you'd be thinking exactly like the caption below - I know I've talked enough. So below are a couple of more random pictures. 

Book rings are so edgy! DIY here! You can create one too. Look at the picture below to find out how to make your own tiny book. (Make sure your book doesn't get too heavy!) Then get some strong glue and a ring (preferably a simple, bare one without gems and all that) and glue the book to the ring! Remember to wait for it to dry completely! And VoilĂ ! Instant book ring!  

One of my favourite lines of all time, from The Lovely Bones by Alice Sebold!
Don't you just love piecharts? They categorize as well as let you find out more about yourself you could ever know!
“What the world really needs is more love and less paper work. “ 
- Pearl Bailey

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