Saturday, July 3

Glee and iCarly Collide!

This is gonna be the best episode ever of iCarly! Apparently, the iCarly team had decided to cast Jane Lynch, a.k.a the infamous Sue Sylvester on Glee - as Sam Puckett's much-mentioned-but-never-before-seen mom. She'll guest-star in an episode called "Sam's Mom"! It's the most genius thing ever to place Lynch in this role - she suits it to a tee! Anyways, while it would be aired in the third season of iCarly,the airdate has not yet been set, so we'd all have to do a bit of a wait. Darn. So what do YOU think about this new role for the Glee villainess? YAY or NAY? 
"I've got all the money I'll ever need if I die by four o'clock this afternoon." 
- Henry Youngman

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