Sunday, October 24

Kitty Buried in Marshmallows Sez Hai

How cute is that kitten below, waving at you with its cutesy paw whilst totally enveloped in marshmallows (Rocky Mountain, I hope)? 
Another cat captioned photo! Can't get enough of 'em funny kittehs.

Thankfully Steve Jobs doesn't have a Tumblr - that's where this photo went public online. I may be a reformed Windows into Mac user, but this is hilarious!
Anyways, it's the final day of vaca and I'm so not feelin' up to going back to school. My heart is all a bundle of emotions - desperation, FMLs, mourning, grief, petrification... It ain't all good. So here's what I've to say about it...
I wish I could just sit in a chair like Bella Swan and it just goes 'round in circles till months pass... or until the days I get out of depression.

"You can get all A's and still flunk life."  
- Walker Percy

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