Tuesday, October 26

That Glass of Water

There have been much speculation on whether a glass of water (yes, just water) - poured half to its brim, is half-full, or half-empty! Personally, if posed this question, all I would answer is a simple, "Who the heck cares about a glass of water?" (Sorta like what a teen would most likely think in the GIF below - 'cos obvs, I'm a teen, duh!) 

Truth be told, I'd think it's just half I guess. Not full, nor empty. Just HALF. Guess that means I'm a Realist. Be sure to look at the GIF (that means it moves and changes!) at the bottom for all the different views different types of people would have on THAT glass of water! Wait it out till it's gone through the whole round! My personal faves - Jesus, Aboriginal, American, Blonde! 
Anyways, my day was pretty sucky. Had a pretty rough (but not as bad as during the first semester!) time trying to find my classes today. Of course, I was by my lone self most of the time. And we've already got an assignment that's due in five weeks for the contemporary issues class! Golly. 

Had my first Spanish class too. Personally think it's a lot simpler than French! Still, it's too early to say that. We haven't even gone to the verbs and conjugations part! Just did basic conversational stuff today - and el alfabeto español! They've got some pretty complicated pronunciation I'd say!

"If there were no God, it would have been necessary to invent him."
- Voltaire

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