Sunday, November 14

Day Eight - Favorite Animated Character

Hurrah it's finally a Saturday -- and Day 8 of my 30-day Drawing Challenge! My favorite animated character of all time is definitely Bugs Bunny! Check out the "uncanny resemblance" of my sketch of Bugs! 
It doesn't really look like at all. Pooh.
After my music lesson (It completely slipped my mind my teacher changed it to Saturday so I winded up not being prepped with the left-hand part for the piece and all - though I never really get the left-hand parts for any pieces down pat), my mother and aunt and uncle picked me up (and then my aunt's friend) and we headed to the central business district area! They went into a beauty store and I hung around at the entrance playing Oven Break on the iPad. 

They took some time buying their beauty products, but we finally left the place and headed for town! We got lunch at a soup place - I got mushroom stroganoff! Yummers. Not before I got my beautiful macarons at Canele though! They were pretty expensive - 2 bucks fifty each - I got a box of 6! But I'm definitely gonna try going to France and get a taste of their macarons! They've probably got the most expensive and exquisite ones the world over!
We wove in and out of shops like kate spade (my aunt's friend got a handbag from there - and I'm totally in love with the red trenchcoat and leather gloves in there!), Mango, Esprit. Only managed to get a 29 bucks shirt from Mango (the saleswoman thought I was eleven or thirteen.. actual age=18!) and black swimming skorts from a departmental store! Couldn't find a swimming top suitable for me - no way am I wearing one that actually reveals. Sure, so what if I'm conservative? *getting defensive* 

All right, I've def blogged enough for one day. I'm really getting sick of this whole blogging-daily promise - I can't keep up any longer. I know I've gone for quite a few months now (close to a year!) - but really, I ain't a patient person all that much. Ciao! xx

"What an embezzle! What an ultramaroon!" 
- Bugs Bunny

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