Saturday, November 13

Day Seven - Favorite Movie

All right, so I carried on with this 30-day drawing challenge thingy even though I'd been complaining about all the work following up to this challenge in the previous few posts! Perhaps I'll stop at day 8. I'm far too lazy to go on with this.

My favorite movie is definitely Hotel for Dogs! Drawing the movie poster is too much of a hard work, so I'll just draw some characters in it (like Andie, played by Emma Roberts! Or the dogs).
Friday was the cutest dog I'd ever seen in the movie! But I made it look like an old geezer...
Anyways, it was a pretty unnerving day at school today. We had to read out our assignment on radio station thoughts, record a one-minute capsule on Akon and do some vox-poppin' (meaning short interviewing strangers, or known as 'voice of the people'!) for radio. And then, for Speech Communication, we had to read out the speech - anything about ourselves - for two minutes! I wrote about animal cruelty. It's truly a sad thing really - that people throw puppies into rivers, stomp on kittens or shoot koala bears for no reason at all. What has the world come to?
Raccoon: " If you dare to get near my kitty, you're dead meat!"

"A good film is when the price of the dinner, the theatre admission and the babysitter were worth it." 
- Alfred Hitchcock

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