Friday, November 12

Day Six - Favorite Book

Gosh this is progressing too slowly for my taste - I might just drop this whole drawing challenge thingy. Anyways, day 6 for the 30-day drawing challenge! My favorite book (or book series, more like) of all time is definitely Harry Potter! I'm so excited to watch Part I of the Deathly Hallows! Wish I could have been at the premiere that night. Anyways, this is my feeble attempt trying to duplicate a manga version of Harry Potter and his two friends (Ron and Hermione of course!)... (My drawing of Harry particularly made him look like a total crackpot.) And it beats me why Harry turned out the smallest too. haha.
 I noticed I made Harry Potter look like the sullen one among the pretty happy Ron and Hermione
The inspiration photo of the manga versions of Harry Potter and friends.
We had to do a scavenger hunt of sorts for Psychology today. I absolutely hate doing stuff like that, especially when you've got to go up to people (particularly this part - or anything activities which require confronting strangers to get your job done) to ask them for their timetables or to take a photo of their tees. My group came in last though - since we left the room last. We had to finish an IQ test or something like that before we embarked on our hunt. There were questions like 'what's the missing number' or 'which of the following is not a boy's name'. Lol.

"A library is a hospital for the mind."
- Anonymous

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