Thursday, November 11

Day Five - Best Friend

 On to Day Five of the 30-day Drawing Challenge! Even though it's only the fifth day, I'm already sick of this. I might just abandon this whole thing! Anyways, I'm supposed to draw my best friend (they didn't make any restriction indications so my best friend(s) are Mochi and Pudding! They're my dead hamsters - not that I still communicate with them or anything, except by prayer, perhaps! I still miss them dreadfully. 
I know it's pretty impractical to not draw a human as a best friend - still, it's hard to draw humans for me! And who says hamsters can't be your best friend?
Drew Pudding with the Paintbrush application again! I'm seriously too lazy to pick up a pencil and draw. Gah. Took inspiration from the photo of Pudding and a rather odd imitation has evolved!
Sketched Mochi (it doesn't really look like her, more like a porcupine darn it. But this was supposed to show Mochi scratching herself), but that doesn't mean I'd put in lesser amount of time for her than I had for Pudding! I love them both equally to bits. Goshers, I'm talking as though they are still alive, God forbid.
Anyways, had a really short day at school day! Thank goodness. It was just a 2-hour lecture for Social Psychology! Problem is, I forgot to save the second half of the lecture notes when it was time to leave (I was obvs too ecstatic to get home and get on with Sims 3) so bummer!

"A friend is one who walks in when others walk out" 
- Walter Winchell

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