Wednesday, November 10

Day Four - Favorite Place

EGI'm finally on to day 4 of my 30-day drawing challenge! Gosh it's starting to irritate me a lot for having to go through all that trouble coming up with something to draw that fits that category for the day! Maybe I'll pause for a bit after Day Five - and resume when the Christmas season is here (which means another school break, phew)! But I might forget by then. Blame my poor memory.

Back to the challenge (I'm always straying away from my topic!!), my favorite place of all time is no doubt, Disneyland! I mean, who doesn't love Disneyland? It's where all THAT MAGIC happens! Fireworks at the end of the night, kiddy rides you won't be humiliated when caught sitting in 'em, all the Disney characters strolling in Main Street USA whom you can snap a photograph with, Disney souvenirs... 

Anyways, I was lazy (as usual) to draw Disneyland (the Cinderella castle which represents Disneyland!) so I simply took a photo of the castle off the Internet (and now, I sound like a plagiarist) and edited it with the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad app called Old Photo PRO. It's free for you app lovers out there, or those who simply love vintage photos (it even creates jagged edges around the photo for ya!). It has one minor (okay, probably major) drawback - it leaves behind a watermark in ALL the photos you edit with it... And they still call this app a 'PRO'. They should create another without leaving behind aN unsightly watermark (see photo below), then charge it, perhaps for 0.99c or summat. That would be so much fairer to us! 
Well, it appears just today (12 November '10!) that Old Photo Pro has finally gave us all an update that absolutely REMOVES the annoying watermark from all photos you load on that app! Hallelujah! Guess they do listen to our complaints after all...

I know this wouldn't exactly consider as a drawing - but whatever, I'm too bummed about school and generally, life to care. I mean, I did do something to the photo, so that counts for something, right?

"Adventure without risk is Disneyland." 
- Doug Coupland

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