Tuesday, November 9

Day Three - Favorite Food

Before I start rambling about the boring stuff that's been going on in my life, here's Day 3 of my 30-day Drawing Challenge! So below's another hand drawn (mouse-drawn really) picture of my favourite food - macarons! Yummers, they're the sweetest things you can ever have for dessert, or tea for that matter! I used a Paintbrush application software on my Mac to draw it out! This was the best I could do, god darn it
Anyways, for class today, we had a museum field trip instead. Of course, there was a catch - a graded presentation on the 22th of November! Darn. 

Been to that museum during another school field trip years ago. Today wasn't any better than then. It would have been just a li'l fun if we didn't have to find artifacts pertaining to traditions and modernity (my group chose 'Power and Status'!) I was scribbling away in my notebook in bad lighting for the most part. Damn this. 

Headed to Billy Bombers for lunch with a bunch of my classmates. Retro red seats they have there - totally old school drive-thru diners style! Plus we were the only crew patroning at the restaurant at that time! I ordered a Dr. Pepper and nachos with jalapeno sauce and  chicken and cheese! Yummy stuff!

Managed to get a ride back to school in time for Spanish class too! We learnt all about espaƱol numeros today. Let me try recalling one to ten... uno, dos, tres (okay, this part is easy), cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez! I'm liking Spanish more and more each week, gah.

On the downside, there was an irritating & insensitive addition to our class today. That person asked me if I knew some names he brought up when I told what course I was in (biggest mistake of my life), and I said I didn't know them, he asked if I was sure I was in that course and claimed I was "quiet". For God's sake. What a complete prune. There was no possible way I'd know the entire population taking my course. I turned away and rolled my eyes (obvs).
Annoying, and rude. Goshers today's just not my day (since when is it ever?) 

"Nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity." 
- Voltaire

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