Tuesday, November 30

Ventinueve de Noviembre dos mil diez

Pretty stupid, but I'd just titled today's date in Spanish - that'd be 29 of November 2010! Just practicing a li'l of what I learnt in class today... which is really just numbers from 20-100! I swear, it's all getting easier. Too bad there's a graded assessment next week though... Damn. 

Anyway, we had a presentation for IS today. My group was on Power and Status and we met pretty early to go over the powerpoint slides and two of the (only) guys in our group were totally nowhere to be seen. Well, one had overslept and another turned up nearly an hour later than the proposed time. Gah. 

My group was the final one to present! I was so nervous (I was the first speaker) that my hands shook along with the notebook I'd written extra notes in! I'd also mispronounced 'archipelago' thanks to my poor nerves. Dang it. When it was time for Q & A by the audience (and the teacher since no one wanted to ask any), the teacher immediately singled the two guys out from our group and asked them about what they'd presented previous to test them, in a way. Actually felt kinda sad for them. Oh well. 
Hersheys, my fave chocolate ever!!
Cutest vintage poker cards ever!!

“Habit is stronger than reason”
- George Santayana

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